Cielo house Gateway

The heart (and brain) of the Cielo house administration System is the Cielo house Gateway, which can optionally be installed in a 19-inch rack. The gateway system is based on a compact PC-compatible embedded motherboard with an Intel Celeron processor.

Interfaces include a 1024×768 SVGA video controller with LCD as well as TV screen outputs, USB, 4 serial ports, two 10/100Base-T quick Ethernet ports, as well as AC-97 2.2 3D-audio. A CompactFlash type II slot is utilized for Flash memory as well as other growth functions, as well as modular PC/104 growth is likewise provided. The Cielo house Gateway runs Microsoft’s Windows CE .NET as its embedded software application platform.

Cielo supports a range of wireless as well as wired standards, including infrared, X10, TCP/IP, HTTP, UPnP, S-Link , Z-Wave, WiFi (802.11b), as well as Bluetooth, X10, RS-232, RS-422, as well as RS-485. Additionally, Cielo works with a range of sensors, including temperature, humidity, light level, water detection, water level, heat, CO2 detection, as well as passive infrared sensors, CasaWorks says… Capabilities

Cielo can interface with — as well as manage — a number of prominent safety and security panels, as well as the gadget lets individuals choose house as well as Away arming modes from any type of supported individual interface. The system screens individual access, as well as sends an email notification when the system is armed or disarmed. safety and security can be managed from a easy integrated individual interface through a web browser.

Cielo combines video camera manage as well as seeing with movement detection as well as item tracking, as well as can send video from a safety and security video camera or other type of video camera to different supported individual interfaces. Hardwired as well as wireless sensors are utilized to sense setting as well as movement. It supports integrated motion-activated video surveillance, with the video source supplied by basic CCD cameras. Cielo includes item tracking with digital video recording as well as searchable playback of events.

Cielo can likewise interface with a range of house illumination systems, as well as can integrate illumination with safety and security systems, so all the lights inside a home can turn on as well as the outside lights can flash when an alarm event occurs.

Cielo can manage thermostats from different thermostat makers. individuals can set temperature points for when the home is occupied as well as unoccupied, as well as turn off the HVAC system immediately in situation any type of smoke is detected. several thermostats as well as temperature sensors can be integrated on the CasaWorks SenseNet manage network as well as be managed as well as monitored from a single individual interface.

Cielo can likewise play a essential function in house entertainment. The system integrates with CasaWorks’s Medio S-Series digital Media Server as well as Medio client modules to offer multi-room distributed audio as well as video over CAT5/6 wiring. Additionally, CasaWorks’s MedioCafe media manager software application can be utilized to offer a media database that immediately catalogs CDs, DVDs, MP3s, as well as other media; material can be streamed video to any type of Ethernet-enabled device, such as a web Pad, web Tablet, or personal computer, on a LAN or across the Internet.

Customizable – According to CasaWorks, Cielo’s basic performance can be quickly personalized with bit or no programming knowledge. individual interfaces are implemented utilizing basic HTML as well as linked to behaviors that interface with the home’s elements as well as systems.

As shipped, the Cielo house administration System will include choices for many common house automation tasks. The software application facilitates network transparency as well as offers autodiscovery of system components, enabling seamless updates from a laptop computer or over the Internet. software application updates can be carried out immediately without having to reboot the system, CasaWorks says.  :   CASAWORKS

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